Our mission is for you to love Your Best Life Possible. We do that by providing a variety of services and events that support our mission.

Because no two people are alike, a one-size-fits-all approach will not always be in your best interest. To that end, we draw from various theories and adapt our approach to best serve each client’s needs. What is the same for every client, however, is a therapeutic relationship based on respect, compassion and acceptance. We are passionate about the work we do with our clients and are committed to helping our clients thrive. Our team of highly trained therapists bring a variety of specialties’ and interests so that we may serve a diverse population of clients and needs.


child & teen counseling

Is your child or teen struggling? Are their difficulties in your relationship and you feel they could use some support? Have they been through a traumatic event or loss? …

adult counseling

Do you feel overwhelmed or stressed? Does it feel like things are never going to change? Are you tired of dissatisfied with you relationships or life?…


Couples Counseling

Do you find that every conversation with your partner ends in an argument? Are you dealing with difficult life events that are putting extra stress on your relationship? …



Is there ongoing conflict in your family or are you negotiating a difficult life transition such as a loss of a loved one, separation/divorce, remarriage, career change or new phase of life?