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Couples Counseling

Strengthening relationships

One of the most stressful things in life is feeling disconnected, ignored or rejected by your partner.

We offer couples counseling to help you heal from past hurts, learn a new way of engaging with one another, and create different patterns. Regardless of what has happened in the past and regardless of whether or not you stay together, your relationship can heal.

Here are some of the common struggles that we help couples handle:

  • Deciding what to do after revelation of an affair

  • Learning to communicate, and even argue, effectively

  • Managing differences in sexual desire or expression

  • Adjusting to different parenting styles and becoming a united team as parents

  • Overcoming “roommate syndrome” and rekindling passion

  • Learning how to manage and divide tasks at home when both partners are working

  • Sharing feelings in a safe and controlled environment

  • Dealing with the effects of one partner’s mental health condition, such as ADHD

Start your journey toward a better relationship today.

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