Our Counselors


Amber hawley, lmft

As the owner and clinical director of Fremont Counseling Services my mission is to help the community have healthier relationships and have better overall quality of life.

Specialties: Couples counseling, adult anxiety & depression, pre-natal/post-partum support, infertility support, parenting support

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Nicholas ramirez, lmft

It is my goal as a therapist to assist clients in the process of resolving conflicts, and to achieve their own goals while maintaining a balanced healthy life. I have a solution-focused approach to counseling, and work collaboratively in order to achieve client success.

Specialties: Technology addiction, social isolation, and stress management for adults, teens, and children


Kashmita prasad, Amft

My main approach in treatment is eclectic. Working with an eclectic approach in therapy helps me as the clinician to find what foundations would work best for the client (e.g. individual, couple or family) and this approach also helps the client have a say in what approach would work best for them.

Specialties: Teen support, substance abuse, self-esteem issues, relationship issues

Fluent in Hindi and English

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natalie cargill, Lmft

As humans, relationships form the very foundation of our wellness. Using psychodynamic, relationally-based approaches informed by attachment theory and current neuroscience, I work with clients to uncover the systems and patterns that have influenced who they are, helping them discover their own agency. Believing in the inherent, creative powers of communication in everyone, as an Art Therapist I integrate visual expression into therapeutic work when useful for clients.

Specialties: Anxiety, grief and loss, art therapy, children and teens


Sara garden, amft

My passion has always been in helping people, through creating the safe holding space, feeling unconditional positive regard, facilitating insight, and igniting long-lasting meaning and change.

Together, we can look at your presenting issues and concerns, where they may have stemmed form, and how they are continuing to affect your current functioning in order to help you lead a more satisfying and fulfilling life. I believe the goal in therapy should be overall personal healing, going beyond symptom reduction in order for you to create and sustain long-lasting growth.

Specialties: Trauma, anxiety, couples counseling, children and teens

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Joanna de leon

Hello, my name is Joanna de Leon. As the Intake Coordinator at Fremont Counseling Services, I am the first point of contact for our clients.

I take pleasure in speaking with our clients and assessing which of our amazing clinicians best fit their needs. Iā€™m a counseling psychology graduate student and hope to further my love of learning about people and transitioning that into how I can help them heal on a deeper level.

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